About Us

Who we are and why we think Brasina is great


About Our Engineering

Brasina is a Joint Venture of three companies. Karl Ahlborn Maschinenfabrik in Germany is responsible for the mechanical parts, bitmatch GmbH creates the software, and bitmatch GmbH is responsible for the electrical engineering.

Both companies have experience in planning and executing large industrial projects. We used all this experience to rethink the brewing technology. The result is Brasina, a solution that is innovative in many ways and provides a new experience for the brewer.

There are some principles that we follow. What we create must be robust and easy to maintain. Since the brewing plant can run without interruption, this is necessary and important. Another aspect is that we want to support a sustainable product. Brasina has been built without external funding. This frees us from any obligation, and ensures a continuous development of the product.

Apart from the technical and financial considerations, it is important to us that our product support environmental sustainability. The brewing process requires lots of energy. We designed the tanks and the complete process such that it reduces the amount of wasted energy to a minimum.