Welcome to Brasina

Brasina is a modern brewery especially designed for craft-beer brewers, who want a plant that supports their grow. With an innovative controller, up to three recipes can be run in parallel. This results in an amazing beer output for such a compact design.

1 Batch500 litres (5hl)
One Day5'000 litres (50 hl)
One Month150'000 litres (1'500 hl)
One Year1'800'000 litres (18'000 hl)

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Hardware Components


The Tanks

There are a total of six stainless steel tanks. The relevant tanks are heatable and heat insulated, such that the amount of waste heat is minimized. The tanks are heated with thermal oil, which prevents scorching of the wort.


Ferment- and Storage Tanks

The completed wort is first stored in a ferment tank until the fermentation is complete, and later in a storage tank. These tanks work independently from the rest of the brewing process. This allows to reuse existing tanks.



Our bottling machine is perfectly sized for the amount of beer Brasina brews. It fills up to 700 0.33l or 0.5l bottles in one hour. The bottles are filled with back pressure and closed with a crown cork.


The Controller Software

The controller has specifically been designed for Brasina.

  • An unlimited number of recipes can be stored and run at any time.
  • The software automates the brewing process. However, manual adjustment of all important parameters is possible during the process.
  • The controller is designed to run without interrupt for 24/7.
  • Usage of the software is a pleasure. It is fast, looks good, and is intuitive.
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