Advantages and Use Cases

Who is the target audience of Brasina

An overview of some important advantages.

For Craft-Beer Brewer

Brasina is designed for all craft beer brewers, who want to create special beer in all variants.

The software allows to store an unlimited number of recipes. These recipes can be reused later in order to rerun a previous setting. These precise settings guarantee that a previous result can be repeated exactly, which is important to secures the quality. Howerver, for a craft-beer brewer, it is important that the software allows to interact with the software ad-hoc during the brewing. They want to adjust some settings to experiment with new ingredients or to improve current recipes. Brasina allows both types of operations. It can replicated a recipes without interaction from the brewer, but at the same time allows to change settings on the fly.

The possibilities for manually controlling the plant go even further. All valves and motors can be oversteered manually. Even the thermo oil heating can be switched on and off manually. This allows to correct recipes which would otherwise be waste.

Brasina is a plant which respects the brewing craftsmanship and supports the brewer with an innovative solution which facilitates their work.


For More Beer

Brasina is designed to run three different recipes in parallel at the same time. This means, as soon as the mash tank is empty and the first recipe starts the lauter process, the next recipe can be started.

This method is supported by the software automatically. This is an enormous time saving in comparison to traditional plants where a recipes needs to be finished completely before the next can be started. At the end of the day, this means that with Brasina a lot more beer can be brewed in the same time.

This makes Brasina interesting for all those who have an existing brewery, but hit the limit in the output with their current hardware. With a compact construction, the existing space is often enough and need not be extended with expensive buildings. Even though, the beer output can be drastically increased with Brasina which is a cost-effective solution.